Lee cómo Dianética está causando cambios positivos en la vida de las personas.
I wanted to find out more about Dianetics and how it might help me in my life. At the seminar, I was given some of the tools and understanding necessary to handle some emotionally charged, physically uncomfortable incidents from early in my life. I immediately felt happier, more alert and some mental weight had been lifted off me. As an auditor, I felt a sense of tremendous responsibility for someone else’s well-being. I appreciate her trust in me and allowing me to help her. It was an honor to be able to assist her during the seminar. The Dianetics Seminar is of great value to anyone.
The seminar was awesome! It gave me another level of understanding and has really changed my life. My job as a nurse is stressful by nature. Understanding Dianetics has helped with this and has given me stability. I am also more open and more willing to communicate and understand other people’s communication because I know better how to approach them easily and naturally. There were a lot of things in my reactive mind that I had no idea were there. Now that they have come out, I know why I had certain pains and feelings. Auditing someone else showed me how to take a personal interest with someone on a whole new level. I am more patient and understanding. This has carried over into other parts of my life and that is definitely beneficial as my patients are the recipients. —Dondi S
I wanted to learn how to apply Dianetics to help others. The seminar was a perfect way to do this. I have personal friends who I knew could benefit from Dianetic auditing. Everyone has fears and other barriers that they can’t easily get past. Using Dianetics, I have gotten good results. I also want to use Dianetics to help children who are currently living in a group home and need to break free from their negative, painful pasts. It’s important to reach them before they get beyond reach. I know I can help them. —TD McKoy
I have experienced improvements in several areas of my life. The biggest thing is that I found myself getting really frustrated with people at work but not really doing anything effective to handle it. This area of my life is definitely improving. But the biggest wins I had were from auditing someone else. My preclear during the seminar was having trouble running an engram. When I got him through all of that I felt really good. I am looking forward to doing the Dianetics Co-audit. —Frank W
Que es Dianetica?
Las experiencias dolorosas de nuestro pasado, tienen claramente un efecto en nuestro comportamiento actual. Pero ¿en qué medida, y por qué?

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